Social Story: A Field Trip To Splash Down

A Field Trip to Splash Down is an autism social story written for our loved one to help him learn what to expect during a day camp trip, as well as positive statements on how to behave, and coping strategies to use during the trip.

A Field Trip To Splash Down

Today we plan to take a school bus to Splash Down Water Park, in Dutchess County, NY. There are no roller coasters at this park. There are lots of waterslides. Slippery Slopes have three large waterslides. Shipwreck Island is a pirate ship with five kiddie slides. Poly Wog Pond is a water spray area. Water Wars is a water balloon game. Hoops is a basketball game. You may also eat a bag lunch at the picnic area.

Waterslides are usually fun. I may decide to ride a waterslide. I may decide to just watch. It can be fun to watch kids slide too. Either way, I will try to be happy.

I may chose the slide or game I want to play. I may need to wear my water shoes or swimming trunks. I will try to stand and walk in line quietly. One child slides down the waterslide at a time. Watching other children may help me know what to do.

People usually eat lunch at the picnic area. I will try to remember to take a bathroom break whenever I need to go. The bathroom may be busy or noisy. I may need to use the toilet and wash my hands when it is quieter inside the bathroom. Usually before or after lots of people do.

Sometimes water parks sell toys or souvenirs. I can ask Ms. Lybolt to help me buy a toy or souvenir with my money. Ms. Lybolt may say, “Yes” or she may say, “No.” Either way, I will try to be happy.

Most children like waterslides a lot! Some children may feel a little scared on waterslides. I will try to stay calm if I feel scared or sick. This feeling usually goes away quickly. I may ask Ms. Lybolt for a hug or ask her to sit down with me for awhile.

Waterslides may get you wet! It is okay if I get wet. I will try to stay calm if water splashes on me. I can change into dry clothes and shoes to wear home.

Children are usually tired after a fun day at the water park. If I am tired, I may fall asleep on the bus. When we get back to camp, I will try to remember to say, “Thank you” to Ms. Lybolt and say “Good-bye everyone.”

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