Social Story: How To
Greet Someone At School

How To Greet Someone At School is an autism social story written by a family member to help our young loved one learn to respond verbally to greetings with 'hello' and 'good-bye', as well as how to acknowledge his teachers, therapists and classmates in a non-verbal way.

How To Greet Someone At School

There are many ways to greet someone at school.

When I see someone I know, I will try to smile and say “hi” or “hello”. They may say “hi” or “hello” back to me. I can ask someone “How are you today?” They may stop to talk with me.

In the morning, I will try to say “good morning!” to someone. At dismissal time, I will try to say “good-bye” or “see you tomorrow!”

Sometimes, if I am just passing someone I know, I can smile, wave, or just nod my head. Most people like it when I smile at them. Smiling can make people feel good.

When I say “hi” or “good-bye” to someone, it makes them happy. People like to feel happy.

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