Social Story: I Am Going To Sleep Away Camp

The autism social story I am going to sleep away camp is written by a family member for our loved one to help him address some specific concerns and overcome any fear he had over going to camp for the first time.

I Am Going To Sleep Away Camp

On ____________, I am going to sleep away camp for 10 days. My Mon and Dad will come get me to bring me home on ____________. I will be at camp for 9 nights and 10 days.

Going to sleep away camp can give kids an awesome experience. I will sleep in a cabin with about six other boys my age who are a lot like me. Some of the kids have come to camp for their first time -- just like me. Other kids like this camp so much they came back again this summer.

There will be mostly white kids at camp and a few black kids like me. These kids are cool and will not bully me, tease me or try to hurt me. There are many grown-ups at camp, and camp counselors and medical staff to keep all of us kids, safe and well.

I will be safe at camp. I will have my own counselor at camp who will be with me to talk to and help me out.

I can do many fun activities at Camp.

  • I can go horseback riding and learn about horses and ponies at the Nevele Country Club ranch. I will wear a riding helmet and a walking assistant will be by my side as I ride.
  • I can play fun games on the Computer, go on the Internet, learn graphic design, photo and movie making.
  • I can make a music video, and operate cameras for filmmaking.
  • I can play or float in the water at the pool.
  • I can go to a talent show and read, sing or dance. On the other hand, I can just enjoy the show.
  • I can cook a meal, plan a meal and set the table.
  • I can do arts and crafts like painting or woodworking.
  • I can play miniature golf, lawn bowling or jump on the trampoline.
  • I can visit the Petting Zoo and take care of the goats, chickens and rabbits.
  • I can go fishing at the lake down the street from camp.
  • I can climb a 200-foot zip line, climb a spider's web, or play on the 4-tire swings and 5 tight-wire runs.
  • There will be picnics, cookouts and campfires. I can roast marshmallows and eat S'mores.

Camp seems like a good place for me to have a good time and meet new friends.

Here is what a typical day at camp may be like for me.

Camp _____ Daily Schedule

7:20 am – Wake up time!
8:00 am – Director's meeting
8:20 am
8:30 am – Morning Gathering: Stretching, Daily
8:30 am
9:00 am – Breakfast
9:00 am
9:45 am – Clean-up/Inspection
10:00 am
10:45 am – 1st Activity
11:00 am
11:45 am – 2nd Activity
12:00 am
12:30 pm – Lunch
12:30 pm
 2:00 pm – Rest Time
 2:10 pm
 2:55 pm – 3rd Activity
 3:00 pm
 3:45 pm – 4th Activity
 4:00 pm
 4:45 pm – 5th Activity
 5:00 pm
 5:45 pm – 6th Activity
 6:00 pm
 6:30 pm –  Dinner
 6:30 pm
 7:00 pm – Free Play, Prepare for Evening Activity
 7:00 pm
 8:30 pm – Evening Activity
 8:30 pm - Back to Bunks, Ready for Bed
 9:00 pm – Lights out!

Camp _____ will serve some of my favorite foods to eat, like pancakes, french toast, eggs, and toast, ham and cheese sandwiches, hotdogs, hamburgers and ice cream.

My parents know I am nervous about going to camp. Everybody gets nervous when he or she goes to camp for the first time.

It is okay if I miss my family, my dog, my house, my room, my favorite toys and miss playing my favorite video games. I might feel a little sad or lonely at first, but this feeling will not last very long. All the kids will miss their families sometimes too. This is called being "homesick."

It is okay to be homesick at first, but kids usually end up having a wonderful time.

Being away at camp might be hard the first day or two, but it should get easier and more fun each day. I have a good sense of humor and I like to have a good time.

I bet I will have a blast! But if something happens that worries or upsets me, and I feel that I cannot talk with a grown-up at camp, I will write to Mom and Dad about it and they will help me.

There are many things I can do to feel better in case I get homesick.

  • I will keep busy and join the other kids at camp to do fun activities.
  • I will bring postcards with me to camp addressed to my Mom and Dad. I can tell them how I am feeling by choosing a sentence or checking a box. Mom and Dad will get my postcards or letters in the mail and read how I am doing.
  • I will bring a picture of my family and my dog.
  • I will bring my Game Boy and favorite video games.
  • I will bring a CD player and listen to my favorite Techno and Dance music.
  • I will bring my favorite stuffed animal and my favorite blanket for my bed.
  • I will bring my favorite books and comics to read before bedtime.

I will be back at home before I know it – in about 10 days!

I will remember that my family loves me. They care about me even when I am not with them.

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Social stories are easy to learn to write and can be a fun project, as well as a powerful teaching tool for a young child, adolescent or adult with autism.

If you'd like to use or personalize your own pre-written story, Carol Gray offers about 100 stories with illustrations in 13 different categories.

An autism social story may also help your child learn daily living activities i.e. brushing your teeth, and taking a bath.

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