Social Story: Mommy Is Taking A Trip To Massachussetts

Mommy Is Taking A Trip To Massachussetts is an autism social story social story written for our loved one prior to leaving to attend the Son-Rise Program. This social story explains where and why mother is going away during a school week.

The story uses positive statements about how he may feel while she is away, how to behave, who will care for him, and when mother is expected to return home.

Mommy Is Taking A Trip
To Massachussetts

Mommy is taking a trip to Massachusetts. She is going to learn how to make playing and being with people fun!

Mommy will be gone Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I may feel sad that Mommy is not home. Mommy will miss me too! She can call me on the telephone every day. I will try to behave and practice my manners at home and at school.

My Daddy will take good care of me and play with me. I will try to listen and obey Daddy, Sabrina and Renee.

Mommy plans to drive home on Friday after school. Soon, me and Mommy will play together in a new playroom after school and on weekends.

Social stories are easy to learn to write and can be a fun project, as well as a powerful teaching tool for a young child, adolescent or adult with autism.

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If you'd like to use or personalize your own pre-written story, Carol Gray offers about 100 stories with illustrations in 13 different categories.

Social stories may also help your child learn daily living activities i.e. brushing your teeth, and taking a bath.

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