A Child Will Lead Them

by Kimberly Bailey-Ward
(Plano TX)

Life isn't always what you expect

Yet none of this would I reject
I planned to lead my son
But God's greater plan has won.

My small child teaches me
A lesson for all the world to see
Yes, what matters most in life
Often first must cut like a knife.

An innocent child will lead the way
The one with God's valuable things to say
May not even speak or talk at all
But he'll lead with his heart and his spirit so tall.

The light of Jesus will shine within
No words are needed to read his grin
So re-evaluate the root of the sin
A lesson all blabbermouths should take in.

A child shall lead them in God's ways
With a message of acceptance, love and praise
We tend to focus on all the wrong things
Look closer at what this child brings.

What matters most, is not money or gold
It's not in career or status I'm told
"Back to the basics" cries the word of God
Think of no one as different or even odd!

God did not choose a politician or attorney
To tell the story of this painful journey
God's path will be lead by my small child
Life should be simple and secular ways mild.

Life vacuums us into the rat race
Of this crazy world's fast pace
Remember when you see my son's face
Nothing's more important than a sweet embrace.

Every obstacle has been a gift
Because my soul received a lift
To learn from this precious boy
Has been an honor and a joy.

From him we all have much to learn
Even though recovery my heart does yearn
This epidemic like a fire will burn
And the entire world's attitude must take a turn!

Everything happens for a reason
God has called it to be our season
I wish we were not his choice
But none the less, I'll be my son's voice.

Behind the language and worldly competition
Is a teacher with a different ambition
Jesus said, "A pure heart will feed them."
Yes it's true, A Child Will Lead Them.

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