A Special Child

by Michael Lirette
(Eastbourne, UK)

The future so uncertain

The past is just a haze
The truth is there for life
It will never be a phase
My child maybe awkward
Every day I watch him grow
And for every step forward
I get thrown back also

Perseverence is the word
Every achievement makes me smile
And every minute spent with him
Makes people stay a while
He's loving warm and gentle

Iif people can but see
He can drive me mental
But without him where'd I be?

In four short years he's been here
He has taught me so much stuff
Like patience, tolerance, understanding
And unconditional love

So if in four short years
He can do this much to teach
There is a place in this strange world
If he can but reach
And all the time I am here
If I can help him reach those goals
There is satisfaction knowing
I would have helped a gentle loving soul

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