A Special Drop of Love

A special drop of love was deposited in my womb with care
The unconditional love you give to me is so very rare
When you were born, Oh! What a glorious day!

I never knew there could be a love so strong
I am so blessed, because in my heart there is a song
A song of peace and assurance
A song of strength and endurance
When I look into your eyes, my heart feels your love
A Special Drop of Love came from heaven above

Your smile gives your face that special glow
Whenever you look at me, my love for you continues to grow
The Hugs! The Kisses!
These are moments of pure gold
They are treasures I have hidden deep within my soul
Many told me you would not make it this far
But look at you now, gleaming like a shining star
Every sound you make is like music to my ears
The look you give me helps wipe away my tears

Many have wondered, "Why me?"
I looked at you and wondered, "Don't they see what I see?"
Many have wondered, "What am I going to do?"
But when I look at you, I know I can make it through
Yes, I get tired sometimes and the tears begin to flow
But then you reach for my hand and that's when I know
That healing comes after the pain
And the sun comes after the rain

God trusted me with such a treasure
The joy I feel is beyond measure
As each day turns into night
I feel the strength to continue to fight
As each night turns into day I know that God hears every prayer I pray
My hopes and my dreams are far beyond me
Your encouragement and joy allows me to be free

A Special Drop of Love came from above
A precious little package for me to LOVE
I know I am strong and can conquer any trial
When I look in your face and see your smile

Written by Bishop Helen E. London

© E.A.R. For the Generations Publishing

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