A Special Package

by Melinda McCullough
(Lexington, KY )

My Gift

My Gift

When he was born, staring at me,

Not crying just a sweet little bundle of Joy.
As he grew older he really did not like to play with any toy.

He was fascinated with ceiling fans and tinker toy sticks.
He would sit for hours making ceiling fans
And making his mouth click.

Never talking, always mesmerized with all the
Lights in the stores.
We'd often set in the lighting aisles of Lowes
As he twirled around the floor.

One day he hummed Beethoven from my CD player
And it was worth it.
He found his gift on the keyboard
And played it over and over until it was perfect.

He then began to blossom as his gifts came pouring out.
He could draw, he could play the piano, and
He could finally sing and shout!

He was a special gift with nothing much to say.
But when he found his gifts inside he brightened up the day.
What a special Joy I have a rare and perfect child,
God chose to give to me to share the wonders and his style.

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