by Meshell Baylor
(Gardena, CA)

I am his, I am hers, I am their sounding voice

I am the trumpet leading their alarm
I am the quilt that shields them from harm
We are the voice to the voiceless
The puzzle to their missing pieces
We are the mothers, fathers, and educators of the unique

The gifted generation.
I know some may seem confused
Often wonder how we go about life the way we do
Asking how do you deal with this every day

Kindly inform them God created my child
Just as he created yours.
He saw something wonderful in them that
He had to share with the world.

We may not always know what they want
Or even understand a word they say.
Some of us have loved ones who say very little
Or show no emotion of display.

It is the moment when they accomplish a goal,
Learn to say their name, or even call out
Mom or Dad.
In that moment God shows us that
Miracles can always happen.
These moments show us they can hear us
In the midst of our tears.
Understand why we fight for their rights of service.

I am my child's advocate; his trumpet leading his alarm.
His voice until he finds his own.
This is not a job, nor a punishment.
It is an honor to be mothers, fathers and educators of the unique.

The gifted generation!

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