AHRC Camp Anne

by Brooke Barr

Matthew loves Camp Anne! The staff is wonderful. The teen camp has a staff ratio from 1:3 to 1:1. The camp is safe--completely fenced in.

There's a beautiful pool, a lake with boats, and access to horses. Matthew loves swinging in the shaded hammock chairs and playing musical instruments in the Main Cabin.

There's a full nursing staff that is wonderfully compassionate. When Matthew was afraid of going to the clinic for his medicine, they delivered it to him.

When he refused to go sleep in the new bunk to which he was assigned last summer, they let him sleep in his old cabin from the year before--despite the fact that it had been designated a staff cabin!

Wonderful, wonderful peace of mind knowing that he has a safe, secure, and fun place to be for 12 days while we get to relax and even travel.

Can't say enough wonderful things about this special place!!

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