An Autistic Boy

The chains of autism hold your tiny tongue from telling me the punchline of this joke, that has caused your tantrums of tears to provoke constant laughter.

You’ve never sung the words to your favorite Elmo song, and when you clung to me last night over that terrible storm,you never spoke a word of what tormented you,one so young.

Although autism holds back your speech love is beaming in your smile. How can a child with so much love to give be silent? I have cried myself to happy tears for being the one chosen to be your "ma".

So Billy each night you awake from a storm or just to be consoled, you will find rest in your mommys arms. Though you do not speak I will always know your questions because the answers are here in my heart. I love you, Always.

By Jennifer Petty


Okay, so that was the beginning... We have come so far since then. Billy continues to thrive and be successful in school. He wants to be a pilot, a train conductor, and a truck driver when he grows up! And they said he'd never speak! He’s got dreams of his own now.... My dreams have come true because of that.

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