Another World

by Jeanette Luciano
(Fall River, MA )

My son has his own special World;

A very unique world alone with his thoughts.
I never see what he feels, for I am on the other side.

As he plays, I wonder if he knows I'm there, I wonder if he cares,
While with others, he tries to make their time count. He tries to bring others into his World but none can enter;

See no one understands his World;
This World is the World of Autism.
I am frustrated inside myself, My heart breaks for others can't understand you.

Wishing I can enter into his World
So I can be of better help.
Since I can't I must love you and your unique World.
I must accept you as you are with your uniqueness.

Even if the whole world can't I will try my best
To get into your world.
For I need to be part of your world as well.

From your Mom,
With all My Heart and Love, I love you Joshua

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