Autism and Vitamin D

by Jenny Peterson

Vitamin D deficiency, during pregnancy or childhood, may be responsible for the autism epidemic.

'Falling vitamin D levels over the last 20 years due to sun-avoidance explain autism's rapid increase in incidence during that same time. The very different effects estrogen and testosterone have on vitamin D metabolism may explain why boys are much more likely to get it than girls are. Lower vitamin D levels in blacks may explain their higher rates of autism.'

Your body makes vitamin D from cholesterol when you are in the sun. The amount of vitamin D in a multivitamin is tiny compared to how much your body makes in 10 minutes of summer sun.

A doctor can easily check blood serum levels of vitamin D.

Our good friends have a severely autistic child who also has trouble with walking. The mother had both her and her daughter's levels of vitamin D checked by their physician. Their levels were almost 0. Since they have been getting supplements, they have seen marked improvements in speech, social interactions, and mobility. They have also made changes in diet and use speech and movement therapy.

I found the compelling case for the role of vitamin D deficiency in autism, with supporting research.

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