Autism Camp Packing Tips

Here are our parent autism camp packing tips and other special considerations. Most camps will provide you with a list of items your child should bring with her – if not, call ahead for a recommended list of items.

Packing to send our loved one off to camp was made much easier with these simple but useful tips:

  • Write a social story. Click here to view a social story written for our loved at camp.
  • Pack a favorite toy, book, music and board game. Include a snuggle toy or blanket to sleep with.
  • Pack an extra pillow case. Camp pillows are usually thin and worn out. Don't forget their favorite stuffed animal.
  • Mark or label every item with your child's name.
  • Include a list of emergency phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Pack a few family photos (a sure remedy for homesickness).
  • Pack a disposable camera. If your child really likes photography send an inexpensive disposable digital camera.
  • Pack a few pre-addressed postcards with stamps. Check out a sample of fun, pre-written postcards we made for our loved one.
  • Disposable flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Pack some warm clothing for rainy days and chilly nights. August weather can get a bit cooler.

Our loved one had such a good time at camp. He wrote a funny song at school about his first experience at "Tough Guy Camp".

Special Considerations

Children going to sleep-away autism camps for the first time may need special considerations.

Social Stories for Campers

Social stories are easy to learn to write and can be a fun project, as well as a powerful teaching tool for a young child, adolescent or adult with autism.

Social stories may also help your child learn daily living activities i.e. brushing your teeth, and taking a bath.

Click here to view a social story written to address some specific fears our loved one had before going to autism camp for the first time.

For more information on how to write an individualized social story for your camper visit our Autism Social Stories page.

More social stories for campers are offered to parents and caregivers here.

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