Autism If You Only Knew

by Emi
(Bronx, NY)

Autism if you only knew what you've done to me and my family. In the past 15 years you've brought hurt, shame, pain, guilt and misunderstanding. You've taken away who my son could have been and replaced the person he struggles to be. The hurt is so much I don't know what it is to cry anymore.

Autism if you only knew. My sons don't have an older brother to hang out with. They've become his older brothers. You've brought so much stress and emotional baggage. We take it out on him or each other at times, when here you are the one that's the thief that has taken someone from our family.

Autism if you only knew. If I could be in his brain for a day to understand what you do to him, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Autism if you only knew. I pray for the day I can come to terms with the fact that you’re here to stay. But it doesn't mean you have the power or the control.

Autism if you only knew in whom I believe.

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