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The need for credible autism information began shortly after MJ was finally diagnosed at age 5 in 1998. We had so much to learn. He had lost all baby talk becoming non-verbal, playing alone, clutching some strange object in his hand, like a plastic coat hanger, roller-skate or pulling the vacuum cleaner along as a pull toy.

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A need to watch Winnie-the-Pooh for hours or else tantrum caused a good deal of stress and tension at home. We know that MJ has some good cognitive skills. He has always enjoyed reading books and learning from the computer.

MJ along with a subgroup of children with autism is also ill. He got sick right after beginning a series of vaccinations at five months of life, developing asthma and frequent upper respiratory infections causing him to take lots of antibiotics during his first year.

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Developmental delays and chronic gastrointestinal symptoms came shortly after his first Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) shot at age 15 months. Within the next two years, MJ would slowly regress into the world of autism.

We contacted the Autism Research Institute. While completing their E-2 pre-diagnostic form, we painfully recognized the early symptoms of autism.

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MJ grew sensitive to sunlight and needed to wear sunglasses or a sunvisor whenever outdoors. He became a very picky eater, eating the same foods at every meal or he would refuse to eat. Often times he would need to be spoon fed or he would not eat. For a long time he would only eat apple cinnamon oatmeal, hotdogs and vanilla pudding. He also enjoyed potato chips, cake, pumpkin pie and soda. At age 4 1/2 he was not yet toilet trained. He did not talk at all.

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The pediatrician and neurologist assured us vaccines are not associated with developmental delays or autism. We trusted their opinion and continued to vaccinate. After a second measles, mumps and rubella vaccine before starting kindergarten, he suffered another autistic regression. His gastrointestinal symptoms became more severe. During this time he no longer gained weight properly. Eventually he was diagnosed with failure to thrive and later "autistic enterocolitis." For more research and treatment information visit Thoughtful House.

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After MJ received the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, no one shared any autism information, particularly what to do or where to go for help. We were also searching for treatment options.

We found most health care providers were not yet knowledgeable about treating a child with autism. Coincidentally, some physicians and health care providers began treating their own child with autism, and making good progress. Today many more clinicians have training and experience in treating autism and some participate in the latest autism research.

Autism information led us to seek
biomedical treatments

Devastated, we found there is no known cure for autism. No one-size-fits-all autism treatment to address the cognitive, emotional and developmental needs of children. There is no mandatory educational program for teaching a child with autism. We also found autism legislation is lacking. Then there is special education, federal laws, state regulations and how to become an advocate for an autistic loved one to learn about.

Reliable autism information helps us learn more about biomedical treatments to increase learning, improve health and reduce symptoms.

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In order to understand MJ and help him throughout his lifespan, brings us to a complex learning curve. Our family tries to attend workshops, seminars and conferences, so that we can get updated information on autism. We continue to learn and make plans, moving forward by trial and error, remembering to take joy in each accomplishment.


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