Autism Is A Journey

by Bill and Judy
(Ridgeland, MS)

Autism is a journey traveled by those so afflicted.

And those who are chosen to share there lives.
It is a Journey full of twist and turns, ups and downs.
It is a Journey often misunderstood by
Onlookers who missed out on the great adventure.
It is a Journey with many rewards to accompany the frustrations.
It is a Journey on which we celebrate each and every accomplishment.

Each word spoken, each word understood.
Autism is a journey which we have not chosen to take.
To a place we cannot see but is a journey
Traveled with a very special person.
Samuel, who has taught us about patience,
Understanding and not taking anything in life for granted.

God Gave us Samuel to love, cherish and help through this journey.
Autism is a journey! It is a journey of hope.
It is a journey of love. It is a journey of faith!
We can do all things through Christ
As we go through this journey with our son Samuel!
Samuel is 10 years old; he loves music and Dukes of Hazzard.
Ben Jones (Pawpaw Cooter) who played on Dukes of Hazzard
and his wife, Ms. Alma (My My) have made a big difference in
Samuel's journey through life!
No, this journey won't end. But has all its rewards.

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