Autism Poem: To All The Mothers

Autism poem: To All The Mothers written by Meshell Baylor shares the sentiments of love an autistic child feels from her mother in this special message to all parents.

To All The Mothers

By Meshell Baylor

My mother loves me unconditionally.
Even though I repeat the same old things.
My mother loves me so well you see.
She's patient when I cannot be.
She doesn't mind me pacing back and forth.
She doesn't mind the jibberish.

When I am frustrated beyond my means.
She sings, Don't worry the storm is over."
When I feel no one understands,
Mom is there to hold my hand.
To all the parents around the words whose
journey seems like this.
We know that you love us dearly.
But having you in our lives makes us blessed.

© Copyright 2008 ASD Concepts, LLC

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