What Are Autism Social Stories?

According to its author Carol Gray, creating autism social stories involve a process which requires consideration of, and respect for the perspective of the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As a product, it is a short story that describes a situation, concept or social skill using a format that is meaningful for people with ASD.

They address the needs and improve the social understanding of people on both sides of the social experience. The result is a person with ASD has an improved sensitivity of others to the social experience, and an improvement in the response of the person with ASD.

Autism social stories are a tool or strategy used to establish replacement social skills for both children and adults with autism. Though they do not necessarily fix the problem. An autism social story gives a person information about social situations they find difficult or confusing. They are a strength-based teaching strategy, which builds on natural skills and behaviors.

Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I will remember

Involve me and I will understand

a well-known educator's mantra

Examples of Autism Social Stories

Lining Up

At school, we sometimes line up.
We line up to go to the gym, to go to the library, and to go out to recess.Sometimes my friends and I get excited when we line up, because we're going someplace fun, like out to recess.
It is okay to get excited, but it is important to try to walk to the line.
Running can cause accidents, and my friends or I could get hurt.I will try to walk to the line.

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How to Write a Social Story

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