by Joan Carol Fullmore
(Los Angeles, CA)

Have you ever thought of our senses?

Four of five we have no control
Our eyes see the beauty and ugly unless
We are blind or they are closed.

Our ears often hear more than they want to
Wont for music we would often escape
We shutdown to critics and static
Compliments we wish could replay.

Our nose is open to attack frontal
We’ve no defense over this fate
But this one I won’t whine about
Without can’t taste much on my plate.

Our touch covers all of our body
It’s amazing how far it can spread
This is the one we are mostly best off
With our skin than yours instead.

Now we are left with our lips
Of these we get only one set
With this one we have total In & Out control
Unless fire should Think first probably reset.

We humans evolved due to our mouth piece.
Teething all foods and sharing our sounds
Gave us an edge on other species.

Before we used for survival
Just wanted our own little space
As our stories evolved and cookies were born
We’ve got stuff all over the place!

Mind can go but so far it can
Sour oops Soar to tremendous heights
But with our egos and many byways it is
More like a rat maze sight.

Not a thing wrong with these west-east
Trailblazers of a new 4-D highway paving
Tina sang 'No More Heroes' other than Self
Ordered Beauty they are here to be creating.

Like sages of Olds they instinctively know
True wisdom needed no modern touch
They know tis A-U-M not OM
They do not ever want to cut it short.

A done right starts throat deep to get on right track
U like it says breathes deep and spirals its turn back
M closes the lips now internal sound cannot get out
AUM encases all sound deep within wisdom sought.

Our species needs mind and mouth silence
To travel to our planet’s next growth chapter
Silence is loud when deep divers
no mind state found
These children gifted sieving noise from true sound.

They are the new frontier to lead us
beneath the fray
What pearls they may find to show an easier day?
May never be perfect but we could straighten
up a bit
They just might automate greed and terror away quick!

These children know mind must settle to
turn more matter grey
Einstein brought us to the U-turn in time
Said relative to Self go that way!
So while we are warring spooning whining
Dining & nitelite meant mooning
They are deep sea pearl diving
A new way to mateplay :).

Like Joan & John & Hammerstein before me
I am a cockeyed optimist cannot be any other way
Most times people see fools when I see fabulous
What the heck be an idiot like me and
Let’s get adventurous!

Like Whitney, Ain’t singing to you you
you you you?
If you are a reality of sound vibration skeptic
But if OM silence you now seek
Return to AUM a true pearl relic.*

And while awaiting hero hybrids to
Dive us the Way
We may just see 2013
If we use our sixth sense
Zip our lips don’t say with
We can all help save the human race!

*Softly AUM near the crying child’s ear
Calm will flow for you both from fear.

Inspired by: 57% rise Sofia Ivy Whitehead, Stephanie Darensbourg
Dedicated to: PRANAVA & The Vedanta Society of Kansas City

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