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Sick of Poor Public School Administrators!
by: Anonymous

This is awful. I am sorry to hear about the bullying of your son, and the lack of concern from authorities. I pray for him, and hope he is able to heal physically and emotionally. It seems so unfair. I would agree with the earlier post about seeking legal counsel reguarding this. It seems a shame that the school doesn't protect children's rights! I was in a similar situation with my daughter. The only thing the principal had to tell me was the boy would be punished by not being able to participate in sports. Weeks later, I saw him in a football jersey.

by: mawmaw

I would inform the school that I intend to take legal action and then get a lawyer. As for the bullies and the threats ignorance is overwhelming however there is no excuse for it!! I would make someone be accountable for what happened!! Contact the main Autism center in your area there have to be actions that can be taken!!

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