Autistic 10-Year-Old Beaten At School

by Vyvien
(Surrey, UK)

My 10 year old sufferes from acute anxiety, low self esteem and has little self regulation. He has a high statement and on the disability register.

One would assume he is protected/nurtured by those in charge of him i.e. the system, the police, the schools. Four months ago he was badly beaten up at schoo. The Head did nothing, but brushed it under the carpet. No disciplinary action was taken. No expulsion/exclusion.

By the time I picked my son up from school, he was in shock and confused. It took me a whole day to gather information. I had been told it was a fall in the playground. Eventually, I realized his pain, crying and confusion were from the severity of his injuries. He was sent home as if nothing had happened. I should have been told something by those in charge - those responsible.

I slept in his bed to monitor him and got him to A&E the next day. He was diagnosed as concussed and given crutches to walk. The paediatricians where shocked. Unfortunately, they did not take action because they assumed the head would. The school has drawn ranks. Social services did nothing either. I am told by NAS the police do not act on such incidents.

(I know this to be true, because a woman hit my son in the park a year ago and police refused to take action. It took a formal complaint to get them to discipline the officers who attended.)

Furthermore, other parents at our school warned me not to take any action, as the bully's family has a habit of coming after people. (We have already had to move three times in as many years and town to get away from bullies. Three men in balaclavas attacked our house in the dead of night).

I am considering legal action can anyone help?

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