Our Autistic Sibling Survey

This autistic sibling survey is used by our loved one's sisters to get us to think and talk about how autism affects our lives both now and in the future. The survey is shared here to help give you some ideas on ways to open dialogue with siblings of autistic children in your family.

Do you remember your brother when he was a baby? What was your relationship like?

Did you ever notice something was different about him? When?

Did you feel his delayed speech and development was somehow your fault?

What thoughts would you have whenever you cared for your brother alone?

Do you ever feel that his tantrums and meltdowns are him simply misbehaving?

Do you ever feel anger or resentment about autism and how it affects your brother?

Are you embarrassed by any of his behaviors at home or in public?

Do you feel jealous over the amount of time and attention it takes to raise a child with autism?

Is there anything you wish your parents had done differently to help you prepare for living with autism, now or as a child?

What do you know about special education? Does it overwhelm you?

Do you imagine your life being different if you did not have a sibling with a disability?

Have you given any thought to the prospect of caring for your brother after your parents are no longer living?

What are your views about guardianship?

What are your views about group homes?

What are your views about being a good advocate for your brother?

Do you feel pressured or responsible for your brother in the future?

Do you feel included in family planning for his future?

Do you feel today, that you have enough information to move forward in the care of your brother should an emergency arise and your parents are no longer able to?

Can you name three good things about your brother and his autism?

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

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