Avoid A Crowd Totally?

Our schools hallway is very crowded during passing periods. Walking with the student in this environment has not been a problem in the past. Just recently she has started to push whoever is in front of her.

The assistant's solution to this is to teach her how to deal with crowded areas in a calm way. The student does not like to use a different route to get to class, as she knows it is the quickest way to get to her class. She also does not want to be late to class, so if she goes an alternate route she is rushed when she arrives in class and does not like that feeling.

The parent's solution is to have her avoid these places/crowded areas altogether.

If we do avoid these places altogether, doesnt that set her up to fail at some point? What if she went on a field trip and there were many schools there. It would be crowded. Does she not go? What do we do with this situation?

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