Bathroom Visual Picture Schedule Example

Here is a bathroom visual picture schedule used for our loved one with autism. This image is a reminder checklist of the main steps to use the bathroom and wash/dry hands at home and at school. This picture chart does not list all the small steps necessary to wash/dry hands since this is a mastered and generalized skill.

If I can't picture it.
I can't understand it.

Albert Einstein

Use this bathroom visual pictiure schedule example to help you individualize one to teach or remind your child or loved one what to do in order to use the bathroom.

Bathroom Visual Picture Schedule

The picture icons are displayed downward from top to bottom in a vertical single row to indicate the steps in order starting at "pants down" to "great!". We place this picture chart on the bathroom wall.

First Icon: This bathroom visual picture schedule shows that a person must pull down their pants in order to use the bathroom.

Second Icon: This picture chart directs to pull down their underwear to use the bathroom.

Third Icon: This image in the bathroom visual picture schedule directs a person to use the toilet.

Fourth Icon: This bathroom visual picture schedule directs a person to clean themselves after using the toilet with toilet paper.

Fifth Icon: Next on the bathroom picture chart shows a person must pull up their underwear.

Sixth Icon: Now it’s time for a person to pull up their pants.

Seventh Icon: This picture chart shows someone flushing the toilet.

Eighth Icon: Please remember to wash/dry hands.

Last Icon: Praise is included on the bathroon visual picture schedule as a verbal reinforcement for a job well done.

This bathroom visual picture schedule example is laminated on a long, 11 ½ x 14 legal sheet of paper taped to the wall and used as a checklist or reminder of the main steps to use the bathroom.

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