Beauty is...

by Silvana Karim
(Corona, CA)

Beauty is in the world that I see

A big red balloon
A shiny new swing
A sunny afternoon
The first signs of spring

Beauty is in the world that I hear
Like door chimes and wind chimes
My father’s songs to help me sleep
My favorite nursery rhymes
Loud booming fireworks that leap

Beauty is in the world that I touch
A soft warm embrace
A high five hand for good choices
A kiss upon my little face
A hug for using inside voices

Beauty is the world that I taste
A doughnut with jelly
Or a chocolate treat
They fill my belly
With a taste that’s so sweet

Beauty is in the world filled with scents
Like hot baked bread
And freshly picked flowers
Clean sheets on my bed
Right after a shower

Beauty is when I talk
My voice to be heard
The thoughts in my head
No matter how absurd

Beauty is my family
When I dance with my mother
Or play catch with my dad
Or wrestle with my brothers
They never get mad

Beauty is God
I know he’s always there
It's love in all that I see
I’ve heard once in a prayer
Beauty is about me

A Poem Dedicated To My Boys

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