Because Of You

by Kirst Lou Crack
(Kettering Northants, UK)

I was alone

In my own little zone - autism then unknown!
Scared and afraid
I kept quiet -- lost and confused

Feeling stolen yet somewhat bruised by it all
Surprised why I didn't feel important or tall!
In the facts, I felt tinier than small

I didn't have a loud voice back then
I had nothing of any opinion or any choice
I didn't mind or care
Because I wasn't someone special by their

I was that someone who closed their eyes
To be used, dropped, abused
Why should I tell anyone?
When I wanted to sell
Who? The truth was me
Because of guess who, you!


By Kirst Lou Crack
(Kettering Northants, UK)

Time stands still
Moving until
The world stops completely
Some would like
Others would not
Some have a choice it in
Others do not!

And why...
Because it's life
As life hurts now and again
Causes endless pain
And the stupid pathetic mind games
That come with "it"

A part of it
Stand alone with me and it
It and me
So next time please look more carefully!

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