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I know what you mean
by: Lana

Our son is also 27. He doesn't like to leave home either. People do not understand that even if there are limited resources, if you can't get them in the car they don't matter. It is so difficult.

Transition problem
by: Arinah

I have a son with Autism too. I hope this would help your son with transition problem. Tell him specifically the place he is visiting, what he will be doing there, who he will meet there and followed by how long the visit is. (5W and 1H concept)(Draw pictures if need be).

Bring a timer clock so that he can track the time and plan his expectation thus reducing his anxiety. For example:

Tell him the visit will take two hours and do a countdown as the visit progresses (e.g. tell him we have 30 minutes more then we leave followed by finally 5 minutes more before we leave).
This worked for my son as he is able to measure the period and adapt appropriately.

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