by Nancy Valantasis
(Medina, OH)

I have a 27 yr old, that has a problem with transitioning from one place to another. Once he is at the location we are pretty okay, but getting there is the nightmare. We can't get him to leave the house, or once he is at the workshop he won't get on the bus to come home. Whenever I go to get him he won't get in my car. When he does get on the bus to go home he won't get off.

They tried to see if it is an anxiety problem as if knowing you are going somewhere and you are nervous. He is on a low dose of adivan. We tried a higher dose but he kept falling asleep everywhere.

The school is frustrated and we are frustrated. We don't have any behavior plans that have worked. He has limited conversational language, but seems to understand most things. It is like his brain gets stuck at transition and then it escalates to him getting frustrated and mad.

Yes, we have tried explaining where he is going, used pictures, and rewards. Things work for a couple of days and then he goes back to no transition.

I will never be able to leave the house the way this is going. I see so many things about diets and awareness, children and schools, etc., but mention an adult with autism and everyone disappears. Help!

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