Blue And Pink

by Gerard Sentochnik
(Islip, NY)

Little boy with nothing to say

Out of place and always so quiet
Hardly a word but when asked
Will give you an answer
I hope it makes sense

Little girl with everything to say
So many words tumbling out
Trying to get it all
Something about a picture
And the color brown

Little boy doesn't know how to play
Get's lost in circles back and forth
Would he ever sit and play the right way
Not yet but we can hope one day

Little girl, like she invented play
So many games, so much energy
She's thought of things to do
That have never been tried... brand new

Little boy what are you looking at
With those big brown eyes
What's up there that you stare so much
I'll bring you back with Daddy's touch.

Little girl, I know what you want
You always tell me everything
Daddy, Let's play, Daddy let's run
And so we do, and I admit it's fun

Little boy here's a crayon to draw
But instead you look at it... in awe
Like it is a piece of art
To be viewed from every place
Behold! The amusement in your face

Little girl, here is a pen
Draw me a picture of a big red hen
Wow, that was fast and look, so good
You drew a picture like I knew you would

Little girl you have all the gifts
That your brother somehow missed
I wish I knew the reason that this angel boy
Doesn't play right with this toy.

But I do know that though my heart is broken
Through lost dreams one never knew existed
And perfect worlds that we thought would be
That through this broken heart

Somehow on its repair
Became larger than it ever should
And now it feels a deeper love
A love I never knew was there

Little girl, you have it all
Gifts in you stand so tall
You will be anything that you want to be
And do all the things you want to do
And for that I am infinitely grateful
As you have filled our lives with life

Little boy, make no mistake,
I want you to come out of this
But strange as it may seem, I now don't care
As I have fallen in love with you, for who you are
An affectionate, innocent, and gentle little boy
That my new mended heart can barely hold

In your unique ways
You are both perfect and beautiful
I will love you everyday... forever.
With a heart that has been torn asunder
but a heart that stands stronger than
our creator ever intended.

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