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Dan Marino Camp in Florida

Both of my children have Autism. They have attended DMC for about 4 years. This is a great camp for special needS children. They provide a well rounded

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A Pill For Autism

I wish I could call your name once with an immediate response. Just for a day. I wish you could say, I love you Mommy without any prompting. Just for

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It's difficult I know sometimes you look at the sky for an answer. I'd rather be alone than in a room filled with people. Drawing superheros or gazing

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Mother of an Autistic 20-Year-Old -- What About His Future?

I am so frustrated! My son was diagnosed with autism at approximately 18-months-old. We have had our ups and downs with eating, potty training, speaking,

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The Legendary Graduate

Hello, my name is Joseph D. Smith, and I have Asperger Syndrome. To make things interesting, I have published a book titled he Legendary Graduate, which

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My Only Son

My son is 24-years-old. I think he has autism. He will count things before we leave to go somewhere. Then he checks everything. When we get out of the

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I Have An Autistic Angel

I have a two-year-old princess. I remember the day I was told she had autism. It was devastating and very hard to get over, but we all do. Its been a

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Blanket Therapy

I used a blanket to help comfort a child in my music class that was having trouble with transitions. The child wrapped herself up in the blanket and immediately

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How To Help A Younger Sibling Of Autism

My son is seven-years-old with Autism. He is aggressive and at times violent. He takes a lot of his frustration out on his younger sister. She will be

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How To Handle Negative Parenting Comments

What do you find is the best way to handle a situation when someone mistakes autistic behaviors with poor parenting behavior? I have found this time

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Mother Of An Autistic 20-year-old Worries About His Future?

I am so frustrated! My son was diagnosed with autism at approximately 18-months-old. I have always been able to provide for him, until my recent divorce.

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Autism-Related Hot Topic!

Our autism-related Hot Topic page is where site visitors share their comments, autism stories, and views with the autism community.

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Life Is But A Dream

I have found that it is a common occurrence to be both filled with the sweet joy of happiness and the pulling, wrenching loneliness of despair. I feel

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Autism Research Organizations and Foundations

Listing of autism research organizations and foundations.

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Help Spread Autism Awareness

Help spread autism awareness in your community! Page shares information, tips and graphics for an eventful Autism Walk and other fun fundraiser ideas.

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Information on autism: An Overview

Basic information on autism which every parent and caregiver should know.

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Take Action On Autism Legislation!

Autism legislation and action alerts. Contact your federal and state elected officials, contact the media, and more.

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Autism Prevalence Rate: As Many As 1 in 88 Births

What is the autism prevalence rate? Autism is one of the most common developmental disorders American children face.

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Blue And Pink

Little boy with nothing to say Out of place and always so quiet Hardly a word but when asked Will give you an answer I hope it makes sense Little girl

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DSM Redefining Asperger's Syndrome

Recently, there was an article in the Pekin Daily Times, Illinois, by Daniel Vance, Syndicated columnist titled: DISABILITIES Asperger's syndrome being

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I have a lovely little boy age 2 and 8 months. We have just been told for sure he has ASD and by God, its hard

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Dealing With Rude People

How do you deal with ignorant people who make comments like nice family he comes from when out in public and your child has a fit and is spitting out expletives

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A Special Package

When he was born, staring at me, Not crying just a sweet little bundle of Joy. As he grew older he really did not like to play with any toy. He was

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My Brother Is Autistic

My brother is autistic. We find it very hard to communicate with him. Even in the yard, he sometimes scratches or hits me. Even though he isn’t mean.

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National Health Resources

National Health Resources provides information, services, and programs nationwide to benefit children and adults with learning disabilities and their families.

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Our Own Tracks

In such an instant The meaning of life Was never so present Till you were born on that night So grateful for fires That mold and refine To prepare

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She Wouldn't Be Abby

Who would this child be, if not from the start Her quiet smile and sparkling eyes held no clue to her secret As she grew and no one still knew Who would

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My Little Man

On my 21st birthday I found out you were on your way It was a very mixed emotional day I was nervous, excited, scared And for what was ahead I wasn't

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Developmental Disabilities Services Office- NYS

Developmental Disabilities Services Office provides individuals and families with information and referrals to local service provider agencies in New York.

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Going On Vacation

I am a mother of three children. Our 15-year-old son has autism and has issues going to different places. We can barely go away without a fight and can

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Sometimes Autism overwhelms us, Washes over us, nearly drowns us. Frigid fingers cling to us Pulling us down into its black depths. We flounder and

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Little Star Center of Jacksonville

My son attended the Little Star Center summer camp for the 2011 summer session. He really enjoyed all the activities and field trips. He really learned

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God's Perfect Gift

When I first held you in my arms I fell in love in love with you, When you look at me My heart was yours. I would tickle your toes And see you and hear

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Wish I Could Follow

The way she moves, the way she speaks, So different and yet so similar to me. I want to know how she feels, What captivates her as real. I watch emotions

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Autism If You Only Knew

Autism if you only knew what you've done to me and my family. In the past 15 years you've brought hurt, shame, pain, guilt and misunderstanding. You've

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34-Year-Old Woman With Autism

I have an autistic daughter age 34. I have taken care of her for her entire life. I know it takes a lot of repetition to teach them. And I am patient and

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Through Your Eyes

You study things so closely in your quirky little way You wanna know everything at everytime of day Everyday is different except for your routine I know

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Christ's Plan

The passion in your heart Shines through your eyes Because autism will not allow you to speak The words you hold on your tongue Are expressed through

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College Resources For People With Intellectual Disabilities

For college resources available nationwide and a searchable database of all post-secondary programs, visit On the lower left column entitled "Webinar Archives" is a link to detailed information on funding for college.

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Change The Term "Mental Retardation" to "Intellectual Disability"

In consideration of "Rosa's Law (Public Law 111-256), New York State Education Department Board of Regents has approved for permanent adoption the amendment of the term "Mental Retardation" to "Intellectual Disability" in place of "mental retardation" {sections 200.1 and 200.4 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education) for student special education classifications on individualized education programs and other relation documents, to address issues of respect and dignity for individuals with disabilities.

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I'll Wait

Day after day, you walk into my classroom and go through your routine. You hang up your coat and backpack and put away your things. Circle time and songs,

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A Special Child

The future so uncertain The past is just a haze The truth is there for life It will never be a phase My child maybe awkward Every day I watch him grow

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My Autistic Son

They ask me” what is wrong with him” they ask me “what’s not right” Long blond hair and big blue eyes they fail to see my plight. “They all do that”

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Our Vision Therapy Evaluation Experience

Family shares their amazing vision therapy visit to evaulate a child with autism.

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I have a 27 yr old, that has a problem with transitioning from one place to another. Once he is at the location we are pretty okay, but getting there is

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A Sister's Poem

You are going on a journey, As hard as it may be, I am here for you, Whatever you may see. Whenever you can’t keep up, With life and all its fears, I

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Fallen Angels

I am very lucky I have these two friends you see I’d say they were more like angels But you’d never believe me We can’t hold a conversation For they do

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Coping With Autism: Stress On Families

Information, resources and tips on coping with autism and the overwhelming stress on families.

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Autism Education

Autism education page shares information on the IEP, resources and articles on how to teach an autistic student.

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Autism Toys

Are you looking for fun autism products for an autistic child in your life? Then you will love these autism toys.

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