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Autistic son in Ghana, Africa
by: Anonymous

My three-year-old autistic son has to come back to Ghana due to immigration issues. Now here we are with no school, therapy nor medication. Everyday is a nightmare. Hoping against hope that one day it will be okay. I am so sad and feel so guilty.

Hmm. Lord have mercy!

It Is Not Your Fault
by: Anonymous

I have two children. I have parented both in the exact same way. (My oldest who does not have autism and my youngest who does.) It has nothing to do with parenting skills.

My youngest is now 15 so I have had to learn this since he was diagnosed at age 3. Teachers just need to live in our homes and in our lives for about 2 weeks!

I guarantee that if so they would run when time to go and all the accommodations for our children would come much easier!

Just remember, your child is at school to be educated. You are there to advocate for the best education possible. You are not there for the purpose of "making friends." If you are lucky enough to do both then great!

The first order of business is to get your child educated so teachers can think whatever they want! My son is HF so he is an excellent student. But he has an IEP and I fight daily against the notions that you speak of.

I will continue to make sure my son is educated and do not give a hoot what any "uneducated about Autism" teacher has to say. Most of the time I have found that that is the lazy teacher or the one who does not want to step out of the box they have created for themselves.

Just advocate for your child and do not back down.

Parents Aren't Enabling, We're Surviving!
by: Bryanne

I can't tell you how many people have said "If he can behave at school then it's got to be the parenting", and "I think he pulls one over on you at home, mom".

Well, I have a wonderful therapist that has explained it otherwise. She used the example of Tourette's syndrome. Children with Tourette's are sometimes able to tic less at school but when they are relaxed at home they tic more.

Kids with autism (mine is Asperger's with learning disabilities) tend to be able to hold it together better at school (although mine still gets very frustrated and has behaviors in his special ed classroom) but at home where they feel more comfy they unload on the ones they are comfortable with.

Sometimes as parents we know the right things to do to diminish the behavior but sometimes it's all about surviving the incident without there being harm to yourself, the child, siblings, friends etc., and if that means going to the Dollar General and buying a bottle of "White-Out" for a very frustrated, rageful seven-year-old so he can "fix" his Michael Myers mask then so be it!

People can't criticize and blame until they have walked a day or two in your shoes. Our counselor said that even if she were to parent my child for two weeks she would still see 90% of these behaviors because it's a symptom of autism.

My other two children do not act like my son and I have parented them in the same way. Say it with me parents of children with autism -- THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT!

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