Christ's Plan

by Jessica Washington
(Las Vegas, NV)

The passion in your heart

Shines through your eyes

Because autism will not allow you to speak

The words you hold on your tongue
Are expressed through your figure when you point

Because autism took your voice

The saddest thing about it all is
You never had a choice

The love you have in your heart
Shines through your laugh

But unfortunately because of autism
It never lasts

You seem to be the happiest child around
Then autism comes along and makes you frown

You are the baddest and biggest clown
But I don't mind you bad
It's better than you being sad because of autism

People love you and they've never heard you
Speak your name

Cause autism likes to play a silent game

Autism may have taken your voice
But it will never take all of you

Autism may have taken over my life
But I put it all in his hands

Because I know this was the plan of Christ

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