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I am confused also
by: Tamara

I also just had my son diagnosed with Autistic Disorder. I had to visit the county and apply for mental health services, and apply for additional health coverage through the county as I have my son on mine currently. I am hoping to someday find some program that is available to help make my home a safer environment for my son. (fenced in yard, security locks/alarms and locking cabinets. As im sure you know there are so many safety concerns with children with Autism. I would start with your local mental health county services, they can coordinate other services, including respite services.

by: Becky

Not sure what state you're in, but here in CA you would contact your local "Regional Center". They do "Early Start" programs and pay for everything (ABA sessions 5x a week, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Physical therapy) 100% until my child turns three in October. I pay nothing (not based on income either-everyone qualifies for this).

When my daughter turns three in October, a team of medical professionals will either give her an official diagnosis of Autism or not (so far, she has only been diagnosed as PDD-Pervasive Developmental Disorder).

If she is officially diagnosed as autism, San Diego Regional Center will still be responsible for providing her these services at their cost. If not, she will transfer to the school district and they will begin paying for her treatments. Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless you!

by: Anonymous

If your child is under the age of three call your local health department to see what services they have. I have two autistic boys. Life can be very challenging but it is also very wonderful.

My oldest is still non-verbal at age 9. My youngest child just started speaking at age 7. Make sure that you get some time away to recharge your battery.

We were lucky to have an autistic school in our area but it only goes up to age 12. Most of all don't give up and don't isolate yourself.

You need to apply for a Home and Community-Based Services Waiver if available. It will give your child medicaid and waives your household income.

Respite care is essential. We have respite in our home. These children can be escape artists. We just put in number coded door locks to keep the kids in the house.

Every day is a learning experience. Most of all make sure you do not draw away from your child. Spend quality time each day making your child laugh and building memories.

by: Laura

Contact your local school district. Depending on where your son falls with the disability will determine how many services he is able to get. Find out what your insurance will cover-like speech therapy (mine would only cover if my son fell on his head), occupational therapy (fine motor skills, like handwriting, sensory issues or gross motor (can he walk up stairs, catch a ball) and cognitive therapist behavior.

A lot of these kids are visual so connect pictures with things to have more meaning like the abc's. Good luck.

To: Confused
by: Anonymous

Call your local public school system and tell them your child was diagnosed with Autism. Your local school should have a lot of valuable information for you. Especially, education, testing, therapy, financial services, and maybe professionals. Start there. Also call your local chapter of Easter Seals, they usually offer low cost/free programs for special needs children.

by: Jeanette Luciano

When my son Josh was diagnosed with autism I was more than confused. I felt so alone in a world I never knew of. You can start by taking those results to a developmental clinic, early intervention is a must. The earlier your child starts school the more they will keep up and learn. Most of all get educated, ask questions, get to know autism. Depending on your household income it would be a good idea to visit the social security office to apply for SSI or SSD.

Most of all, keep the faith. Don't ever give up on your child. Never underestimate the power of a child that is willing to learn. Good Luck!

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