Crisis Hospitalization & Residential Services

My son has Aspergers and Severe Depression and at times has intense paranoia and self-injury. There are no services in our state for people with Autism or parents of an Autistic Child. My son currently has a state support worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapist, and has an IEP at school. Even with all of these services, we are barely hanging on to our sanity.

People who do not have autistic children have a hard time looking at our child when he is compliant in school and thinking we just can't handle him at home. Sometimes I think the school staff think we are bad parents or abusive parents.

We call the police sometimes to get control of him because we don't want to be hands-on when he is aggressive. I have had to field one Child Protective Services referral in the past week. If we didn't have all of these professionals we work with aware of his behavior, we'd probably be looking at an assault charge. Our son truly thinks he is abused, but I promise you he is not.

Our state (Nebraska) has no services for my son that would address his mental health issues beyond what we are getting in out-patient services. We have tried two different hospitals for four separate hospitalizations and had care that was more destructive than helpful. They are overloaded (because our state has absolutely nothing residential for these kids) and just keep them alive a few days and then release them.

Our son is a sophomore in high school and there is not much for him there because he is really smart and functions well in the general education classes. It is the other times he causes problems, during transition times, like at lunch, etc.

I worry about him as he gets older. It is not healthy for him to live at home with us eternally because he needs his own identity and life. If he is emotionally stable enough he will go to college, but even with a degree, I fear he will always need some level of supervision.

Our state tells us as parents, as they age into adulthood and your family is financially able to support him, there are no services for you. Insurance in our state does not require health insurance companies to provide coverage for autism.

Once he is out of school, I would be willing to move to another state that actually takes care of their autistic residents. Anyone out there have a boy like our son who is happy with their services?

Nebraska Mom

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