Daddy I Love You

by Michael R. McGuire
(Macomb, MI 48042)

Every time it rains I look

For the colors in the sky
And make a wish,
I hope will come true.

When I see the rainbow,
I get a tear in my eye
Maybe today, I'll hear her say
Daddy I love you.

I would give anything
To know how she feels inside
It breaks my heart, just to know
The life she'll be denied.

Oh! How I wish
I could hear her say
Daddy I love you.

Oh! How I've prayed
Every single day
That somehow a miracle
Would come true.

She talks to me with pictures
To tell me what she needs
But it's what I don't have pictures of
That brings me to my knees.

Autism took away
More than just her voice
And no one knows the reasons why.

She laughs, and she plays
In her own little world
Then suddenly, she begins to cry.

God only knows
The wishes our heart makes
The future that life holds for us
Is in what He gives and takes.

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