Demi's World

by Antoinette Linda Wells
(Hayward, CA)

Sweet innocence not understood by all.

Angelique face, eyes representing deepest colors of fall.
In your mysterious world, there are no fears.

Everything to you is genuinely dear.
As your protector, I try to shield ignorance,
Hate and harm away from you.

For your heart is so real.
Some people stare, some people taunt,
some people curiously wonder what you're about.

At times when you'd wonder away from home,
taking bus and bart, in your world the traveling is fun.

Mommy drops to her knees, praying to God
And your angels I believe you can see.
Please God, please, protect him from any harm!
Sweet angels, please bring my precious, baby-boy back to my arms.

With prayer and guided help, I will succeed
To help you understand the dangers in this big world we live in.
I promise you, my son, I will find a way
To teach you these lessons
In your autistic world one day.

Mommy loves you, Demi.
In God's name I pray...

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