Diagnosing Dakota with Autism

by Dawn Maselli
(Cranston RI)

In these modern times

Filled with healthcare crimes

At just 18 months

You stole Dakota from us

Her connections under parasol

Due to toxic Thimerosal

You stole her conception

With vaccine injection

They labeled her PDD

An epidemic in this country

No one knows the cause?

Perhaps pharmaceutical flaws?

Yet, these are modern times

Where parents uncover crimes

The CDC allowed you to steal

A child's ability to voice how she feels

But there will be a day

When you are made to pay

For this future you created

Cannot forever be debated

Our children sent to fairyland

Parents struggle to understand

Look for signs so hard to read

Medicine and Govornment protect and lead?

It's not unique, It's ancient

Always listen to the patient

Remember a mother always knows

When her son or daughter goes

Yes, these are modern times

Pharmaceutical companies cover up crimes

And now here comes the chorus

Singing like Phillip Morris

A National Mirror will reflect the structure and function of what you inject

Denial protects you at the moment

Denial allows for more innocent torment

Yes, smoking causes cancer

To this question we now know the answer

Healthcare soon will go on trial

To save the heart and mind of the child

Written by Dawn Matley Maselli for Dakota Matley

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