by Christine Reynolds
(England )

I've been through dark

Through dust, through dawn
I've climbed the steps
I've faced your taunts

You've laughed, you've mocked
You've stared, you've shattered
I watched, I stopped
I applauded dumbly
Constantly knackered

O thou art guilty of giving me a home
I felt accepted but utterly alone
My tone a mute i stood in distortion
Why is the world a different shade of immoral
I'm sailing on the moon
The stars I always wish to follow

I'm in the air, I think of wings
I cling to things, a broken wish
A heart apart, I’m a thing of the past
My muse is rock, my heart doth roll

My survival echoes a dwindling
And uncertain road
When I curled into a ball
When I screamed in silence for no reason at all

When I mimicked your actions
And lose it with transactions
Remember this face
For it’s battling a never ending pace

But I’m still able to self-resuscitate
My inner melody is always bitter-sweet
But nobody even asked me
Christine is their sum-thing wrong with you internally

I'd just reply no
I'm just different
Nothing more to it
Just let me be

Goodnight Autism
Always building a new-day, Christine
But my God it can get lonely

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