Employee Benefits for Families of Children With Special Needs

Did you know there are employee benefits for families of children with special needs? MassGeneral Hospital for Children publishes a Guide, Workplace Benefits for Familes of Children with Special Needs.

For working parents caring for a child with a special need, balancing the needs of their child with the demands of their work life can be challenging. Taking full advantage of all services and supports available to them and their family is crucial. One potential source of benefits and services is a parent’s employer.

Many worksites offer benefits and work-family supports that parents may find helpful. So it is important to understand and consider what may be available through the workplace.

This guide is designed to help working parents think about employer-sponsored benefits and supports. It addresses the kinds of benefits and policies that may be available and describes ways to access these benefits.

In particular:

  • Health Care Benefits, including dental benefits, prescription drug plans, catastrophic funds, public benefits that may be available (such as SSI/Medicaid and SCHIP), and employer advocacy with health plans on behalf of employees
  • Work-Life and Employee Assistance Programs that may offer information and referral to child-care providers, stress-management seminars, flexible work arrangements, and legal counseling, in addition to many other types of services
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for dependent care and medical expenses
  • Employer Assistance in determing whether and how an employee can access and use benefits that are offered through the workplace
  • Disclosure as an important and personal issue to consider when evaluating use of employer-sponsored benefits and supports

This information can help employees optimize the use of benefits provided through the workplace. Resources are also provided that can help parents make more informed choices about both public and private health benefits and support programs.

Source: MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Research on Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Study for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Resources Relating to
Employee Benefits

Information about workplace supports and employer-provided benefits is wide-ranging and can be overwhelming. The links below lead to a large cross-section of benefit information – from research to professional membership organizations to information specific to children with special needs.

This list is not intended to be complete, but rather offers parents and caregivers a starting point for learning about employee benefits and children with special needs. It will also guide parents and caregivers to other useful sources of information.

ABC for Health, Inc.

Alliance for Work-Life Progress

Employee Benefits Research Institute

Families and Work Institute, Inc.

New England SERVE

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