Even If It Rains (Autism)

by Angela Gibson
(Tucker, GA)

I remember the first time I saw your little face

The feeling that came over me your “title” could not replace
I love you more than ever now
Because they said your limits had an end

But all you have to remember is
I will always protect you as I hold your hand
I can only be your mother as I teach you to grow
Your limits have beginnings now and this is for everyone to know

I remember when they first told me
That you may be different from the rest
But all I ask from you is that you only try your best
Everyone won’t play with you because you like to be by yourself
And sometimes when others speak to you
They may mistake you as being deaf

But we know the truth; it can be just between you and I
I understand it when you can’t even look me in the eye
But who’s to say you're different when you belong to me
I will fight hard so all the stares you will not see

If people decide to laugh, just remember what I said
They are only laughing because
They have nothing better to do instead
But you my child have a challenge to them all
I will always pick you back up and make sure your head stands tall

Your special teachers beside me will still love you as the rest
I am sure they will teach you everything
Sso that you can be the best
As we grow together I will learn too
I already have a feeling that you always need something to do

I get that when things gets too loud
You like to protect your little ears
You can scream and shout or I can just wipe away your fears
And sometimes you like things that spin or have lots of lights
But please my child continue to show me until I get this right

I promise I will take my time and be patient as I can
Even if it is your turn to comfort me and hold my hand
Today may not be too different from yesterday
Because I see you like the same
But I promise to take you outside even if it rains.

To My Loving Son, Malcolm
From your mom, Angela J. Gibson

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