Our Examples of Autism
Social Stories

We wish to share with you our personal Examples of Autism Social Stories which are written for our loved one, MJ to help him advance in learning and understanding certain social situations and replace any problem behaviors.

Feel free to use our ideas and individualize them to fit your child's own level of functioning, needs and desires.

Social Story to School and to Home is written for our young loved one with autism to help teach him safety rules and what to expect before, during and after his bus ride to school.

How To Greet Someone At School is an autism social story written by a family member to help our young loved one learn to respond verbally to greetings with 'hello' and 'good-bye', as well as how to acknowledge his teachers, therapists and classmates in a non-verbal way.

I Am Going To Sleep Away Camp is written by a family member for our loved one to help him address some specific concerns and overcome any fear and anxiety he had over going to camp for the very first time.

Autism Camp Postcard is a sample of our autism camp postcard prewritten and pre-addressed for our loved one to use to write to others while away at camp.

A Field Trip To Splash Down is an autism social story written for our young family member to help him learn what to expect during a day camp trip, as well as positive statements on how to behave, and coping strategies to use during the trip.

Mommy Is Taking A Trip To Massachussetts is written for our loved one with autism prior to leaving to attend the Son-Rise Program. This autism social story explains where and why mother is going away during a school week, how he may be feeling, how to behave, who will take care of him and when she is expected to return home.

Using Public Restrooms (Photos added) is an autism social story written for an older, verbal child. The goal of this story is for our loved one to overcome any anxiety or fear due to the noise of ceiling and hand-dryer fans, and eventually go inside to use a public restroom whenever necessary.

Being A Responsible Person is an example for an older, verbal child functioning at a higher cognition level. The goal of the story is to get the student to try to do what she is asked, control her feelings, and ask for help if needed.

Here's our list of our favorite books to teach social skills.

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Social Stories

Autism social stories are easy to learn to write and can be a fun project, as well as a powerful teaching tool for a young child, adolescent or adult.

If you'd like to use or personalize your own prewritten autism social stories examples, Carol Gray offers about 100 stories with illustrations in 13 different categories.

Autism social stories may also help your child learn daily living activities like brushing your teeth, and taking a bath.

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