God's Perfect Gift

by Fernanda
(Toronto, Canadaa)

When I first held you in my arms

I fell in love in love with you,
When you look at me
My heart was yours.

I would tickle your toes
And see you and hear you giggle,
When you took your fist steps
I was there by your side and
Saw in your beautiful big blue eyes
How happy and amazed you were.

Then one day I held you in my arms
My love for you was stronger than ever
When you wouldn't look at me my heart broke.

When I tickled your toes
I didn't hear you laugh. I didn't see you smile.
When you walked back and forth
It was on the tip of your toes.

“Reannna,” I cried. And asked God what's wrong
With this angel that once was perfect?
What did I do to my baby?
Why are you punishing me?
Why doesn't Reanna act and speak
Like my other children?

Then I heard a voice in my heart
"I would never give you something you could not handle.
Reanna is my gift to you, she will never lie, never cheat
And will always be with you. She is the most perfect gift.
She is part of me."

Two years have gone by. I wouldn't change Reanna
I no longer question God. I thank Him for all
Three of my daughters
And I thank God for His extra perfect gift, Reanna.

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