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Autism and going places
by: Anonymous

Just go. The worst that happens is he acts up! No one will sue you and you won't go to jail.

Its a tough choice
by: Anonymous

We decided to leave our three-year-old at home and just bring our three-year-old to Disneyworld last February. He had not been diagnosed yet, but we knew he couldn't wait in lines and was very unpredictable with his behavior. We felt horrible about it, and people who didn't understand our situation thought we were horrible for not bringing him.

I think it is a naturally overstimulating place for adults and kids without autism. With a lot of preparation you may be able to do it. Is there a counselor you work with that can help you develop a social story for it? Have you tried other local carnivals or busy events and had success with him?

Wishing you the best and that someday we can both bring our boys to the magic kingdom with a lot of prep and patience.

P.S. Staying on site was expensive but worth the closeness and convienience!

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