Good Morning, Son Shine

by Silvana Karim
(Corona, CA)

I see you each morning and wonder, when will I hear you say, "Good Morning Mommy."

One day you will be able to tell me what you want to eat for breakfast and what's your favorite movie.

One day you will use your own words to tell me you're thirsty and what you want to drink.

One day you will be able to dress yourself and tell me when your tummy hurts.

One day, you will play with a friend and exchange stories and interests.

One day you will be at the park and will say, "Hey, it's my turn!" or "No fair, he cut in front of me!"

One day you will be able to cross the street safely and look both ways without reminders.

One day you will be able to join a team and follow directions from a coach and share true team spirit.

Good Morning, Son Shine!

One day you will say, "I want that new toy I saw on TV, like my friend Jimmy."

One day you will say, "I want to be Spider Man for Halloween and go trick or treating."

One day on Christmas morning, you will know to open the presents under the tree that have your name on it.

One day you will tell me you love me.

One day when it's your birthday, you will blow out your candles and make a wish for the new year.

What do you want my child?
Mommy is listening.
Daddy is waiting to hear your voice.

Good Morning, Son Shine!

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