He Is My Baby Brother

by K.L. Shanks aka Queen Unique
(Fort Myers, Florida)

He hates when I wake him up for kisses lol!

He hates when I wake him up for kisses lol!

Just because he cannot speak

Does not mean he is deaf.
Nor does it mean he cannot feel pain
Just because he inflicts it upon himself.

His mind is a mystery to most,
A challenge to many physicians.
Autistic children continue to
Defy their medical predictions.

Fact is:
You cannot cure that which is not a disease.
Instead you should try to provide for
Something which has an undeniable need.

We have become so involved
With finding this "miracle cure"
Instead of simply appreciating
A mind that is so unique and pure.

We are so caught up with being
Unaware and unsure
That we forget to consider
What these children and adults must endure.

He is no puzzle!!
There aren't any "missing pieces"
Inside of him.
Just too many to fit
Into the small space
That you provide for him.

He is perfectly imperfect
Much like you, me, him and her.
He just lacks the ability to communicate
That through literate words.

He appreciates and is captivated
With things we take for granted.
We view something as useless and broken
While he sees it as unique and slanted.

He's silently absorbing all
Components of life and living.
Destroying those boundaries
That our feeble minds have been given.

When foreigners migrate to America,
We adapt to their customs and language.
But autistic children and adults are citizens
On which we continue to inflict anguish.

New cases every minute, more than diabetes,
AIDS and cancer combined.
You could understand so easily
If you would just open your mind.

Could we make Disability Comprehension
A prerequisite in college?
So we could learn to stop reacting negatively
To things which we lack knowledge!

Just stop, learn, become aware,
Share and get involved.
Because Autism does not disappear,
It continues to evolve.

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