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Just learned
by: Jen

We just learned this also. However, my son is going into the 9th grade. I am considering a computer based homeschool program for him. The only reason we found out about it is because someone in my Bible Study class brought it up.

I don't see my son being able to go off to college but I do see him being able to attend tech school. I am finding out from the tech school what he needs to get in and I am focusing on that.

Best to you


GED And/Or College
by: Anonymous

As a college counselor in a 4 year school, I would recommend an adult GED program, unless he wants to stay in school and complete the requirements for a regular high school diploma. (He can stay in high school through the year he turns 21.). He may not need as much programming to pass the GED exam. It could be the ticket into a community college (most accept that if they have open enrollment), and then he can transfer if he chooses to go on for further higher ed. Community colleges also often offer 'ability to benefit' testing that, if he passes, would allow him to take some courses. I suggest contacting your nearest Community College to talk these options through.

There are also now many 'parallel' college programs for students with intellectual disabilities,usually run by voluntary agencies on regular college campuses. They typically focus on life skills, a college social experience, and very basic career skills.

In New York state they are talking about doing away with the IEP diploma for the very reason that you are experiencing.

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