High School Education For Asperger's Children

by Pamela Mucci
(Cantonment, FL. USA)

We just found out this year (too late) that my High School Senior who has been in the ESE programs since the second grade, will not get a High School deploma. Because he is an ESE student, he hasn't earned enough credits to get a High School deploma nor a GED.

My thoughts? Then why did I bother to send him to school? I could have home-schooled him and he would have gotten a GED!

My question now is, what is the best option for getting his deploma or GED so he can continue his education? My son is an A/B student and this year, he's taken several general educational classes with no problem keeping up. Acedemically, he's good. His troubles stemmed from his social interaction with teachers and students.

What can I do at this point to help him achieve his goals? Are there scholorships out there that he might qualify for? He is having trouble finding a job. Are there any specific jobs he should be looking into that will accept him? He is doing well with his social interactions but he still (and always will) have problems reading body language and social cues.

Anything that involves rapid thinking or more of a common sense response would not be a good field of employment for him. Any advice?

Thanks, Pam

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