I Am A Parent

by (Shared by M. Bigrigg, a parent of 3 wonderful children, Taylor is our child with Autism)

I Am A Parent

I am Xena. Real life warrior, goddess of an
invisible or invisible disabilities
With my steel plated armour I can fight anyone who gets in the way of my child.
I can fight the stares and ignorance of Typpies – those without disibilities in their lives
-- and educate them as to why my child is the way he is, and why he does the things he does.
Yes, I am Xena – and I am armed to battle.

I am Bionic Man. I have X-ray vision
-- I can see through the mask of disabilites on my child’s face, and see the beauty in his soul and the intelligence in his eyes -– when others can’t. I have super-hearing -– I can look at my child when he smiles at me, and hear his voice say, “I love you!” – even though he can’t talk.
Yes, I am thankful to be Bionic.

I am Mary. A not so well known parent of a child who was brought here to touch the souls of those around him, in a way that will forever change them. And it started with me. By teaching me things I would never have known, by bringing me friendships I never would have had, and by opening my eyes as to what really matters in life. Things like keeping the Faith, never losing Hope, and knowing a Love that words cannot express.
Yes, I too am blessed by a special child, just like Mary.

I am Superman. I am able to leap over tall loads of laundry in a single bound, and run faster than a speeding bullet, to chase a child as he dashes out the front door and heads for the busy street.
Oh yes, without a doubt, I am Superman.

I am Stretch Armstrong -– a parent that can be stretched beyond belief –- And still somehow return to normal. I can stretch my patience as
I explain my child’s biomedical issues with yet another uneducated person. I can stretch what time I have, and share it with my spouse and my children.
Yes, My name is Stretch. And I have the stretch-marks to prove it!

I am Hercules. The Greek God known for strength and courage.
The heavy loads I must carry would make others crumble to the ground.
The Weight of sorrow, Fear at uncertainty of the future,
Injustice at having no answers, and from
Tears of despair, would alone possibly be too much,
even for Hercules. But then the Joy, Laughter, Smiles and
Tears of pride – at my child’s accomplishments – balance the load
to make it easy to bear.
Yes, I am Hercules. I find the strength to go on.

I am Moses. I am doing my part in leading other people and society to more awareness, knowledge and resources, and most of all – Faith. Like Moses
did, I too, will sometimes meet with resistance from those who don’t believe.
Yes, I am like Moses, God will give me small miracles here and there, needed to
accomplish my mission.

I am a parent of a child with special needs, all the above, and so much more. Some days, I will want to be none of the above -– and just be a typical parent with a typical child, doing typical things. On those days, I will know
it’s okay to be angry, and to cry and to lean on friends and family for support.
Because after all, -- the most important thing I am ...is human.

Author Unknown

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