I Do Not Cry For Who You Are

by Nicole

Tears have stopped falling

On the fragments of my dreams,
I no longer mourn illusions
Of yesterday's reality.

Tears that fell so often,
Almost every day,
But that was when the rain poured down,
And the sky was always gray.

Now I feel the sunshine,
And the sky is blue again,
I'm living on a rainbow,
but I still cry now and then.

I do not cry for who you are
Nor what will never be
My pain's in the confusion
And the vulnerability

My frustration's with a society,
That cannot see you're mine,
My anger's to the ignorance,
That will never try.

My fear is from uncertainty
That increases over time.
My guilt is deep inside my soul,
Each time they make me cry.

I do not cry for who you are
Nor what can never be
I cry because they look at you
But never really see

They don't see how the differences,
Could make the world complete,
They can't all live on rainbows,
It's just not meant to be.

You are not responsible,
For all that we've been through,
I would not change you for the world,
I would change the world for you.

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